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Rooibos gives not only convenience of workflows but also guarantee that all procedures of a study are conducted on the scheduled time precisely. When a study is subjected to a large group of participants, Rooibos can be a solution to manage subjects as one group or separated groups.

This system can be applied to any study required to be performed at the correct time. Also, it is independent to the operating System and easy to port to mobile device because it is programmed with Java language.



  1. Broadcast Subject’s number in advance to prepare a scheduled procedure of a subject, broadcast counting to a schedule time, and broadcast to call up a subject for the high accuracy of the test.

  2. Enable systematic management of a large number of subjects.

  3. Eliminate space limitations. If subjects are separated to several rooms due to space constraints, the procedure can be preceded in each room on time by setting Subject starting number for each room.



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